Thank you to all of our IEEE SENSORS 2019 Exhibitors

Zurich Instruments AG


Zurich Instruments is a manufacturer of test & measurement equipment for advanced research & development applications. The instruments use LabOne® control software that sets a benchmark for efficient instrumentation control and a good user experience. This progressive approach reduces the complexity of laboratory setups, removes sources of problems and supports new measurement strategies that accelerate the progress of research. Zurich Instruments' portfolio comprises lock-in amplifiers, arbitrary waveform generators, impedance analyzers, quantum computing control systems, phase-locked loops and boxcar averagers.

Cysca Technologies


The IEEE Internet of Things


The IEEE Internet of Things is one of IEEE’s important, multi-disciplinary, cross-platform Initiatives. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting technological developments in the world today and the global technical community is coming together around the thought-leading content, resources, and collaborative opportunities provided by the IEEE IoT Initiative.  Join our Tech Community to participate and enjoy the benefits of becoming part of this cutting-edge Initiative.



Plasma-Therm is a U.S. manufacturer of advanced plasma-processing equipment, providing etch, deposition, and plasma dicing technologies used in semiconductor packaging, solid-state lighting, power, data storage, renewable energy, MEMS, nanotechnology, photonics, and wireless communication markets. Plasma-Therm’s VERSALINE platform is the workhorse for a variety of applications in specialty semiconductor markets. The platform's modular design allows flexible configuration of substrate handling and technologies that address the wide range of customer requirements. Plasma-Therm’s Singulator® systems bring the precision and speed of plasma dicing to chip-packaging applications. Manufacturers, academic and governmental institutions depend on Plasma-Therm equipment, designed with “lab-to-fab” flexibility to meet the requirements of both R&D and volume production. Plasma-Therm's products have been adopted globally and have earned their reputation for value, reliability, and world-class support.

Bruker Corporation


Bruker Corporation provides Cryogenic Wafer cleaning Systems and Maskless Lithography Systems.

Cryogenic Wafer cleaning systems use Cryogenic C02 in removing particulate and residues caused in wafer processing. All dry, non-aqueous with no chemical disposal. Safe on the environment, safe on your delicate patterns.

Maskless Lithography Systems: Resolution down to 0.6um, up to 300mm wafer size. LED light source. Great for prototyping and design iterations without the high costs and time for Masks.